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What our exhibitors are saying...
We sent out a survey to collect anonymous feedback - here are the comments we received.

Visitors rated our event
9.52 out of  10
"I love how your expos allow us as suppliers to really connect with our customers. Larger expos are all about numbers and razzle-dazzle - yours are much more intimate and much more supplier friendly"
Hi Susan, I have decided that I will only do your Expos from now on, they are the only ones that work for us.

Hi Susan,


I am loving your expos! Yesterday was a massive success for me - more than Brunswick so far - with quotes being sent left right and centre today! I'm running crazy! Which is amazing.

"I love attending your expos, the response rate is really good for my business"
"Very responsive to questions, well organised always feel welcome. Have tried their best to address the issue of Covid, being innovative and supportive"
"Love the expo, could suggest some optional catering for those exhibitors that do not have extra/helper at their stall. Ie, Maybe a flat fee for a coffee / sandwich / muesli bar or fruit salad?"
"No comments, very happy" 😃
"Susan is awesome" 😘
"The virtual expo is a fantastic idea and being able to direct potential customer to the Wedding Tribe Website another great idea and way to build your client list"
"Your expos are the only expo that I actually get bookings at"
"OMG I got a booking on the day, that has never happened before - and I've done a lot of Wedding Expos" 
"I'm all good for the next Expo, Interestingly, I'm still getting bookings from your last Expo!

Hi Susan, I could not be happier - I have already received a deposit and booking for next year, and have done heaps of quotes today to send to clients, so I am very happy indeed.  


Thanks for everything - it was certainly worthwhile.

What our visitors are saying...
We asked our visitors to rate our event - we received a rating of 9.52 out of 10!

Customer feeback

Affordable Wedding Expo Melbourne

Customer feedback

Affordable Wedding Expo Melbourne

Customer feedback

Affordable Wedding Expo

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